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In November 1998 Bill Gass traveled to Honduras to aid victims of Hurricane Mitch. He witnessed a great deal of devastation and despair in the lives of the people. After returning home, Bill shared the Honduran experience with friends and family. They responded with donations and encouraged him to return with help for those in need.


In December 1998, Bill and Ellen returned to Honduras. They saw many families who had only plastic sheeting or twigs for a home. The Lord showed them that these families needed safe and secure dwellings to call home. Using the donated funds, they purchased property.




Bill and Ellen returned to Honduras in February 1999 to build a colony of 70 houses, now known as the Mission of Hope community. Volunteers joined them to work side by side with homeless families to build the houses. The families labored for 6 months to complete the village project. People were fed and building materials were purchased with the help of donations. These families learned the concept of working together as a community. Today this is a thriving village consisting of over 350 people. Many are working, health has returned and families reunited.  Mission of Hope-Honduras was born.


Today Mission of Hope is busier than ever. Working in impoverished areas, they seek families who do not qualify for any type of financial assistance. These people live in deplorable conditions, generally without clean water or sanitation. Each family who receives a house helps to build all the homes during that project. They learn valuable building skills and develop self-esteem. For the first time in their lives, they have a safe and secure home.

The Mission of Hope also believes that education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty. Working with communities in remote regions, 44 schools including 9 high schools and 1 agriculture technical school have been built. The majority of children do not attend school because they have no school supplies. Each year, the Mission of Hope provides the necessary school materials for hundreds of children. Desks, benches and all teaching supplies have been provided to each of the schools. 

In addition, thousands of library books have been donated by American school children to start libraries.



An adult literacy program began in 2003. In 2005, a scholarship program was established to enable 18 students to continue their education at the high school level. In 2011, college scholarship was added to the scholarship program.



One of our schools is located near a dangerous river which made it hazardous for children to reach the school. Mission of Hope saw the need and responded by building a 234 foot suspended bridge over the river. The mission also built the first latrine in that area next to the school for the students.

Another need the mission provided was to fund and build a much needed water project for a mountain village where water was carried from a nearby stream which at times had very little water.  A dam was constructed above the village along the mountain stream as well as a storage area for a continued supply of water water during dry spells.




Pipes were then laid down the side of the mountain to bring this water to the village.



In 2002, Mission of Hope built two orphanage dormitories in the city of LaCeiba. Thirty- two children who had been living on the streets now live in these dwellings in a Christian environment.

In 2005 MOH built a cafeteria/conference center on the same site. Visiting medical and dental clinics use this center to provide desperately needed health care to the local community. Niños de la Luz (Children of the Light) is the organization which operates this wonderful service to homeless children.


An evangelism program began in 2004. Volunteers bring children's evangelism to the Mission of Hope projects. Worship and Praise services are held in schools for the entire community. Team members are welcomed by people who know and have experienced God's love through the building of their homes.

A dental team led by Dr. Brian Pradko joined with Mission of Hope to provide dental care for the needy in remote areas. In their first trip, they saw(and treated) over 400 patients most of whom had never been seen by a dentist their entire life. As of 2015, Dr. Pradko and his team have made their fourth such trip to help MOH provide care for the poor that are unable to obtain other dental care.


The Mission of Hope believes in helping the truly needy to help themselves. 100% of donated funds are spent to directly aid the poor. Team members are required to provide all their own expenses. Bookkeeping & administrative services are graciously provided by Shepherd's Gate Lutheran Church. Photos, brochures, videos and the website are provided at volunteers own expense.


Donations may be sent to:

Mission of Hope-Honduras
P.O. Box 503
Romeo, Michigan 48065-0503

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