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In 2002 the Mission of Hope-Honduras built two dormitories which marked the beginning of a new orphanage in LaCeiba known as Villa De Esperanza or "Village of Hope".


An organization called Niños De La Luz or "Children of Light" provided food and other help to the street children of LaCeiba. They had received the donation of a tract of land on the outskirts of LaCeiba to build an orphanage but had no means or money to pursue the project.

Mission of Hope-Honduras took on the task of constructing two dormitories on the property that could house up to 32 orphans

The dormitories each consist of a large central room used for eating, study and other activities with four bedrooms and two bathrooms around the perimeter.  As a temporary measure until a dining hall could be built, one bedroom area in one dormitory was converted into a temporary kitchen.

The size of the buildings and regulations imposed by the government posed some unique challenges for the Mission of Hope-Honduras team.

Once the dormitories were completed, 32 street children had a safe secure living facility.  They lived in a loving home with caring adult supervision.

They also have the opportunity receive an education.



In 2005, Mission of Hope-Honduras returned to the orphanage to build a dining hall/conference center.  At the same time, two other missions also pitched in to help the orphanage. One constructed a new church and the second a new school which is open to area children.








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